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John Mocko

John Mocko is a former AP/IB High School Physics teacher and for the last 25 years has worked as a physics lecture demonstration and multimedia specialist for the UF Physics Department in the large lecture halls. He is also an advanced amateur photographer with experience in studio work, computer support, and the design and construction of specialized equipment for unique projects. In the summer of 2014, he was tasked with building a Lightboard video studio based on the open source design of Dr. M. Peshkin at Northwestern University. A Lightboard video studio is used to create engaging presentations where the instructor appears to be inside their presentation with minimal post production. John extended the original design of the Lightboard to make it a multifunctional studio capable of green screening, incorporating scientific experiments with real data, creating online labs and performing live office hours.

Professional title: 
Physics Lecture Demonstration and Multimedia Specialist
University of Florida

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