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June 15 - 17, 2020 MGM Grand Las Vegas

UB Tech® Session Tracks

The UB Tech Conference features tailored sessions in 6 distinct tracks to help you pinpoint
content most relevant to you — so you can maximize your learning!

Technology Leadership  
As someone at the forefront of technological change on your campus, you need to know advanced strategies and insights regarding leadership and decision-making. Get the latest intel from other CIOs and technology leaders on technology selection and implementation, and how to rise to that next level as a leader.
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Campus IT  
Technology is ever-changing, so ensure you’re on top of the latest trends by hearing from technology leaders and professionals regarding the newest implementation, security measures, and development strategies and solutions.
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Instructional Technology
With the widespread use of technology in all facets of instruction, get the insights and strategies you need on instructional technologies, personalized learning materials and pedagogical methods. From administrative approaches to curricula best practices, you’ll gain practical knowledge firsthand.
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Active Classroom
With sessions tailored to meet the needs of the advanced classroom at institutions of all sizes, you’ll discover how your peers at colleges and universities nationwide are using technology to enhance the student learning experience — approaches you can apply to your own active classroom.
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AV Integration
Discover new and innovative AV tools and strategies for your campus! You’ll gain insights on new approaches for implementing and maintaining AV systems and more, straight from technology experts and real-world practitioners.
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Get knowledge from the experts and pioneers who are leading the way in the world of higher education esports. From fundraising to student engagement, this is the place for the technology planning and implementation strategies to get started!
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