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Wireless Content Sharing and Active Learning Environments with Solstice

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Active Classroom / Exhibitor-related Session
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Regular session
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The active learning model, where students are challenged to problem-solve as teams and faculty are viewed as collaborative guides, has been shown to have great educational value. However, we believe that this model has been constrained by technical solutions that are based on specialized hardware, expensive video switches, and difficult-to-use interfaces. 

In this talk, we outline exciting new approaches to designing and using active learning environments that are based on recent advances in wireless content sharing and software. Using software, we can support interaction models that simply weren't possible when using traditional AV hardware. 

Our approach is based on more than a year of study related to existing active learning spaces with our University partners. In this talk, we outline an extension of Solstice called "Active Space" that will dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of deploying an active learning environment. Perhaps more importantly, we show how Solstice Active Space can increase both student and faculty engagement and make active learning a model that can more ubiquitous on campus.

This session is being conducted by Mersive, a UBTech exhibitor.

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CTO and Founder

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