What’s Next? How Emerging Technologies Shape Learning Space Design | UBTech Conference

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What’s Next? How Emerging Technologies Shape Learning Space Design

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  • Active Classroom / Instructional Technology / FLEXSpace

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Regular session

What emerging technologies are making their way into classrooms and informal learning spaces, and what is the impact on learning space design? What are the most important considerations? Speakers from Indiana University and San Diego State University will talk about recent projects involving VR, AR, and the Learning Glass / Lightboard, sharing how they’re tackling these new and exciting challenges. Participants will discuss partnerships between faculty and industry that are driving innovation in higher education academic technology, including a collaboration between San Diego State University’s School of Nursing, Microsoft, and Pearson to design, implement, and evaluate holographic mixed reality patient simulation. 

Note: This session is presented by FLEXspace.


Director of Learning Spaces
Indiana University
Instructional Media Developer
San Diego Sate University