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Teaching with Glass - A Flipped Video Technique

Teaching with Glass combines technology with pedagogy, allowing faculty to create educational technology videos that more closely replicate the classroom experience. Instructors teach and write behind a glass panel while looking directly into the camera through the glass so that students feel more connected. The video is flipped horizontally post-production so that the faculty’s notations and writing are correct for the viewer. This method allows the instructor to make eye contact with the students by teaching in a forward-facing manner similar to classroom lecture.
Midlands Technical College also devised a way to add projected images onto the glass which can be annotated. The technology can be easily implemented at any institution on a marginal budget. Early designs utilized somewhat complex mechanisms which would deter many smaller institutions from taking on such a project; MTC’s design uses readily available, standard equipment. 

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Midlands Technical College


  • AV Integration / Instructional Technology

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  • 2017