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A Strategic Delivery of Instructional Technology in a Distance Education System

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AV Integration / Instructional Technology
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Large-group discussion
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This presentation highlights a community college’s efforts to enable and expand enrollment for diverse student populations via distance learning technology. Expanding the network into dual enrollment high school programs involved challenges that addressed the following aspects:

  • Infrastructure: Network connection, equipment installation, and maintenance over a vast territory.
  • Scheduling: Politics, time conflicts, course offerings, and teaching schedules.
  • Instructional Design: Faculty and student readiness.
  • Extended IT Support: New equipment and LMS training for consumers and coordination with local leaders.

Coordinating with each high school is an essential component of this project, and deploying the proper network, topology and functional technology is key to success. The College pursued a comprehensive solution to manage and control the connectivity and security that exists in a connected learning environment, creating schedules, set up classrooms conducive to student learning, hired personnel and faculty due to expansion, created monitoring and support mechanisms to maintain the classrooms, conducted training sessions for faculty and staff, and explored approaches to supporting the long term sustainability of this project. Student success, increased enrollment and program expansion are primary goals.

This session will be conducted as a large-group discussion. Attendance may be limited.

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Professor of Mathematics / Chair of Mathematics and Science
Northland Pioneer College
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Associate VP and CIO
Northland Pioneer College

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