Soft Skills are Really Hard: Strategies for Managing Technical Service Staff | UBTech Conference

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Soft Skills are Really Hard: Strategies for Managing Technical Service Staff

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  • Policy & Practice / CCUMC

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Regular session

This session is presented by CCUMC.

Three institution managers of media, library, and information technology service departments share strategies for managing performance issues with service staff members. Panelists will discuss realistic situations that can occur in a service department and share some strategies for having difficult conversations and disciplinary actions. A moderator will present a supervisory situation, and then toss it to the panel to answer with how they might each address it.

The session goals for participants include:

  • Gaining additional perspectives to manage conflicts in a positive manner with successful results
  • Understanding the differences between institutional policy and department practice
  • Understanding their roles as managers of people; and not just services
  • Sharing of active voice dialog examples to address a performance problems
  • Understanding resources that may be necessary to utilize when situations are outside of a manager’s jurisdiction


Director of Media Resources
Midwestern University
Dean of Library and Learning Support Services
South Texas College
Associate Director, Office of Information Technology
Director, Media & Instructional Technology
Marist College Media Center