Seven Things Yale Looked for in a Campus-wide Video Solution | UBTech Conference


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Seven Things Yale Looked for in a Campus-wide Video Solution

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  • Instructional Technology / Exhibitor-related Session

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Regular session
Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 2:20pm to 3:00pm


  • Oakmont A+B

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  • 2017

Like many institutions, Yale first adopted academic video at a departmental level. This proved the potential of video as a study aid, but required administrators to maintain a complex web of solutions across campus, and students to learn multiple systems for accessing their recorded lessons.

Seeking to simplify, stakeholders at Yale identified 7 essential elements required of an academic video platform — LMS integration, video creation and curation, accessibility, live streaming, video search, ease of use, and responsiveness of customer support.

Hear from John Harford, Manager of Collaboration Technologies at Yale University, on how the institution’s video needs evolved over recent years, how the team defined and scored its selection criteria, why the university ultimately decided to standardize on a campus-wide video platform, and where his team sees institutional video use going in the future.

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Manager, Collaboration Technologies
Yale University
Vice President, Technical Evangelism