Ransomware Redemption, and How a Small IT Staff Survived the Storm | UBTech Conference

Ransomware Redemption, and How a Small IT Staff Survived the Storm

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Campus IT / Cybersecurity
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Large-group discussion
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This is a personal account of a ransomware attack that happened on our campus, and what our IT team did to overcome the attack.

Learn how a small community college in Kansas survived one of the worst ransomware attacks reported by the KCCIT (Kansas Community Colleges Information Technology) group. The ransomware attack started from a .zip file that was opened by not just one employee, but seven in one day. This session will define the security methods that we had in place, and those that we didn't. It will also provide an insight into the technology we used to recover all of the data. This session will provide highly technical information, and also beginner level information for everyone.

Other information covered in this session will include:

  • Common best practices in place
  • Back-up solution we used
  • Policies
  • Mistakes and lessons learned

We will conclude with a discussion on what other colleges have done successfully to fight off these attacks.

This session will be conducted as a large-group discussion. Attendance may be limited.

Professional title: 
Director of Information Technology
Seward County Community College

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