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The HESS Consortium: A New Approach to ERP Buying and Operations

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The Higher Education Systems & Services Consortium or "The HESS Consortium" is a fully incorporated 501c3 non-profit, membership-run organization consisting of 82 private, non-profit colleges and universities. The HESS Consortium is focused on collectively lowering costs and increasing collaboration between specifically private colleges and universities in the area of administrative systems and services.

  1. Development vendor cohort teams to negotiate overall pricing for each of the major ERP vendors for both on-premise and in-the-cloud operations, 
  2. Develop an “apples-to-apples” comparison instrument to look at all the vendors’ pricing models and product features and 
  3. Begin to develop an affordable collaborative model for cloud-based operations as an option for those institutions interested.

CIOs and CFOs from now 82 institutions have come together to help shape the future of ERP operations in the cloud with a new collaborative model to save money, save time and communicate more effectively with our ERP software partners and other administrative software vendors. 

Current partners include: Campus Management, Ellucian, Jenzabar, Oracle, Unit4 and Workday. More information is available at


Vice President
E&I Cooperatives
Chief Information Officer
Spartanburg Methodist College
Chief Innovation Officer
Saint Mary's College