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FLEXspace 2.0: A Game Changer for Higher Education

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Active Classroom / Instructional Technology / FLEXSpace
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Traditional presentation
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Monday, June 4, 2018 - 2:30pm to 3:10pm
St. Thomas B
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Launched by a small group of eager, dedicated classroom support professionals, FLEXspace.com provided a way to inspire great design ideas across the 64-campus SUNY system. Less than two years after beta testing, this community has grown to roughly 3000 users from 1,400 campuses from 45 different countries! As the numbers rose in FLEXspace, so too did the need for a mobile portal. We will demonstrate the new interface, and describe FLEXspace use from the perspective of: Academic Technologists, Faculty, Instructional Designers, AV-IT Integrators, Facilities Designers, Researchers, Sponsors and Campus Administrators. We will describe the value of:

  • Benchmarking across multiple institutions using a variety of search parameters and exports to drive collaboration among stakeholder groups (before committing to contracts)
  • Researching from a client engagement standpoint – how FLEXspace balances and advantages institutions and sponsors to engage in intelligence conversations.
  • Examining design trends. What spaces are people proud of and showing in the tool?
  • Building a network of people directly involved in all aspects of the design cycle.
  • Exploring links to rich content on active learning and other pedagogical resources.

FLEXspace is proving to be an outstanding leadership tool. When coupled with the Learning Space Rating System (LSRS) – it is an effective planning tool that builds community and serves as a “one stop shop” to serve needs across all educational sectors.


  • To identify and communicate the value of the FLEXspace Community of Practice
  • Understand how to upload and download content in the FLEXspace Portal
  • Leverage case study examples on use of FLEXspace at the campus level
  • Specific benefits to AV-IT Integrators, Faculty and Facilities Planners.

This session is presented by FLEXspace, a UBTech program partner. Please visit FLEXspace.org to learn more and to request an account.

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Senior Strategist
FLEXspace (SUNY)
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Director of Education & Government Markets
Shaw Flooring

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