Developing a Staff Succession Program: What it Takes from Start to Finish | UBTech Conference


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Developing a Staff Succession Program: What it Takes from Start to Finish

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Small-group workshop
Monday, June 12, 2017 - 2:30pm to 3:10pm


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  • 2017

As leaders within an organization retire, or just leave for other reasons, it most often becomes necessary to replace them. Arizona State University's University Technology Office was experiencing this so put together a succession plan in the form of a professional development program which provided up and coming leaders the opportunity to develop skills that would help them move into leadership roles within the organization. This session will cover the following aspects of this program.

  • Identifying the need and who would best fit the program
  • Defining and developing the program
  • Executing the program
  • End results and lessons learned

Participants will get helpful tips on how to go about designing and executing a professional development program for future leaders. Along with these tips will be the lessons learned (the good, and need to improve) as we have completed one iteration of the program. The session will be interactive with exercises for the participants to participate in.

This session will be conducted as a workshop at round tables. Attendance may be limited.


Director, IT Customer Service and Support
Arizona State University