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Cybersecurity Outreach, Interactive Man in the Middle Attack

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Campus IT / Cybersecurity
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Regular session
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This presentation is conducted periodically at Frederick Community College to reflect how easy it is to compromise a wide array of devices from cell phones to desktop computers without any code breaking or direct access to a victims computer.

I begin the presentation by disclosing various elements associated with cybersecurity, such as frequency of attacks and historical volumes, and I display a real-time threat map.

I set up a Pineapple Tetra as I present material to show how easy it is, and then deploy it, pulling various audience members into the presentation by asking them for basic information so I can show that I've captured their data.

The take away is that cybersecurity is an issue everyone needs to be aware of, how to prevent being compromised easily, what the device is, and that I can create a similar device for cellular communications.

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Professor, Cybersecurity Program Coordinator
Frederick Community College

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