Cybersecurity and Compliance in Academia | UBTech Conference

Cybersecurity and Compliance in Academia

The broad issues related to cyber threats and investigations as well as compliance and cybersecurity cyber can be very different in an academic setting than in a corporate setting. Therefore, the strategy for security, digital investigations, and compliance with various regulations and statutes (HIPAA, FISMA, etc.) should also be different. Much of current practice is based on the commercial sector, which doesn't always translate well to the academic environment. For example, Many industries, like financial services, maintain Information Sharing & Analysis Centers (ISAC) to share cyber threat information but unfortunately this does not exist for universities and other academic institutions. This SIG will discuss the types of threats specific to most universities, and how to develop an effective agile strategy within academic institutions. Additionally, this SIG will discuss how compliance and incident response should work at universities.

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  • Cybersecurity / Special Interest Group

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  • 2017