Capturing Lecture: Building a LightBoard on a Budget | UBTech Conference


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Capturing Lecture: Building a LightBoard on a Budget

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  • AV Integration / Instructional Technology

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Regular session
Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 11:40am to 12:20pm


  • Royal Dublin A+B

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  • 2017

During this session you will learn strategies to build a lightboard on a budget, how to automate the lightboard so staff can use it with minimal training and support, how to coach faculty members/trainers in the effective use of the recorded video in courses and specific takeaways we learned throughout the project. Throughout our journey, we decided to mold the ease of the one-button studio together with the practice of the lightboard. Our rollout has had tremendous effects on our campus. Students and faculty are reporting higher engagement rates with content throughout our online courses. Additionally, we are finding more faculty who are interested in incorporating video tutorials into courses to free up class time for practical, hands-on, project-based, problem-based, reflective lessons through flipped learning. 


Training & Distance Learning Consultant
Valparaiso University