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Building a Cost Effective AV Scheduling, Recording, and Archiving System

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AV Integration / Instructional Technology
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Regular session

Connecting live clinical simulation training to distance, live, and remote classroom systems (Polycom H-323, SIP) with real-time conferencing capabilities has been costly and complex…..Until now! Come learn how commonly used software solutions can be used to meet this challenge. Find out how we integrated 4 clinical exam rooms, and 2 ICU rooms, and connected them in real-time to live, distance education and classroom systems. Using our system, we were able to schedule and record 128, 30-minute training sessions, from 4 rooms in 3 days, simultaneously providing students and faculty with links to streaming video for review/evaluation. Those interested in installing a cost-effective AV system will learn:

  • How a sophisticated AV system can be built using existing technology.
  • How to easily schedule, record, and share video learning objects for teaching and evaluation.
  • Explore new and innovative uses for video in clinical practice, classroom, and distance education.
Instructor and Instructional Design Manager
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Professor and Assistant Dean, Simulation and Technology
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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