Bringing Opportunity: Delivering Higher Ed in Rural America | UBTech Conference


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Bringing Opportunity: Delivering Higher Ed in Rural America

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  • AV Integration / Institutional Success

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Regular session
Monday, June 12, 2017 - 2:30pm to 3:10pm


  • Melbourne A+B

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  • 2017

Todays high school students face significant competition in the workforce and seek critical opportunities to obtain a degree from higher education. Students living in rural and remote location may be disadvantaged with limited resources and access to higher education curriculum with high school opportunities such as dual enrollment. This session will provide real world information from experience implementing and delivering a real time telepresence solution for higher education courses in rural and remote area high schools. The challenges addressed include: 

  • Technology selection
  • Infrastructure
  • Acceptance/Adoption
  • Project Management

This session will be a focus of critical path areas which have been identified during the development of this educational opportunity for students, communities, faculty and staff.


Chief Information Officer
Northland Pioneer College