AV is FINALLY Going IP - How Networked AV Will Change Classrooms Forever | UBTech Conference

AV is FINALLY Going IP - How Networked AV Will Change Classrooms Forever

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AV Integration / Instructional Technology
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The Future is finally here. For over a decade now, you've been hearing that AV and IT were merging in to one - it was ALL HYPE. 

But now, it's coming true. We FINALLY have the technology to send everything (except power) across the network and re-design classrooms where all the content is network-centric and the only real AV gear in the room is the projector and the ability to control it all.

Ah, but that's the key, isn't it?

As AV goes IP, the key to it all will be the control system - how will teachers and lecturers get their content to the projector (pr flat-panel display) and, better yet, how will they turn everything on? Do we still need tens-of-thousands of dollars of control system gear?

Heck NO!

Gary Kayye's been in the AV technology space for nearly 30-years and he's considered the industry's leading futurist. He will tell you what's real, what's hype and which companies actually have AV over IP gear that's worth specifying. He will also be delivering the UBTech Welcome Address on Monday afternoon.

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