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UBTech 2018 Program

Session Topic Speaker(s)
Active Learning Classroom Design and Planning in a New Medical School Building Active Classroom, FLEXSpace John Pfeffer
Active Learning Classrooms: Use Them or Lose Them Active Classroom, CCUMC Maria EvansSandra Ledesma
Active Spaces on Campus: Classrooms, Staff Areas, and Common Areas – Taking it to the Next Level Active Classroom, AV Integration Michael Chen
Adapting the One Button Studio AV Integration, Instructional Technology, CCUMC Jim SpencerNick Page
AudioVisual Design Standards and Collaboration with Campus IT Groups AV Integration, Campus IT Greg Carstens
Best Practices for Accessible Instructional Videos Technology Policy & Practice Ian WilkinsonJackie Luft
Building Consensus: Adopting an Inclusive Approach to Meeting the Expanding Demands of the Digitally Connected Campus Campus IT, Technology Policy & Practice, Exhibitor-related Session Spence GrahamTom StipesJosh Saiz
Campus Portal Modernization Technology Policy & Practice, Workplace Productivity, Exhibitor-related Session Michael Cunningham
Choosing a Classroom Fit That Accommodates the Instructor’s Teaching Style (and the Students’) Active Classroom, Instructional Technology Terry BeadleJesse Savage
Closing Keynote: Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education Keynote Charles Isbell
Companion Devices: Using Social Media and Video for Online Instruction Instructional Technology, Technology Policy & Practice Tom Kenny
Creating Mobile Computer Spaces: Eliminating the Need for Fixed Labs Campus IT, Instructional Technology Michael Lucas
Engaging Faculty in Technology Innovation Technology Policy & Practice, Workplace Productivity Rudy J. SanchezMary Paul
Engaging Gen Z: Transcending Generational Limitations Active Classroom, Instructional Technology George Chacko
Enhancing the Flip by Empowering Students to Control Content Active Classroom, Instructional Technology Linda Cresap
Enterprise WOW! Transforming IT from Service Management to Enterprise Service Technology Policy & Practice, Workplace Productivity Nicole Aboltin
Evolving Challenges in Classroom Technology Support AV Integration, Technology Policy & Practice, CCUMC Kevin Jahnke
Experimenting with Augmented Reality in Healthcare Education Instructional Technology Danny Moody
FLEXspace 2.0: A Game Changer for Higher Education Active Classroom, Instructional Technology, FLEXSpace Lisa StephensMichelle Carpenter
For Richer or Poorer: AV Strategies for Small Departments at Growing Schools AV Integration Brittany YenserCraig Underwood
From Classroom Collaboration to Convocations Ceremonies, Centennial College’s AV Team Makes it Happen Active Classroom, AV Integration David Pearce
Game On! Media Centers and Campus Video Game Initiatives Instructional Technology, Technology Policy & Practice, CCUMC Cecile-Anne SisonAnthony HelmRyan Corcoran
Going Green with a Paperless eSign Solution Technology Policy & Practice, Workplace Productivity Rich Miller
Helpdesk for Students by Students – Available Where Help is Needed Campus IT, Technology Policy & Practice August Alfonso
Higher Education Consortiums: The Cybersecurity Success Formula Campus IT, Exhibitor-related Session Reg Harnish
How to Use Academic Video to Create Rising-Star Students Instructional Technology Deirdre Jones
Implementing a Comprehensive Cloud Services Strategy Technology Policy & Practice, Workplace Productivity TJ Rains
Implementing an Innovative Cloud Architecture for the Connected Campus Campus IT, Exhibitor-related Session Simon Tompson
Implementing and Adopting Technologies to Support Active Learning Spaces and Enhance Collaborative Learning AV Integration, Instructional Technology Nobuyuki YamamotoTeresa Hudson
Increasing Access and Reducing Cost: Moving from Computer Labs to an App Based Ecosystem Active Classroom, Instructional Technology Sam Harris
Increasing Student and Teacher Interaction in all Learning Spaces using a SaaS Cloud Active Classroom, AV Integration, Exhibitor-related Session Diogo VernissiKathryn Cordina
Innovating the Online Student Experience using Storybook+ Instructional Technology, Workplace Productivity Patrick WirthRyan Martinez
Instructional Technology: Delivering on an Idea Active Classroom, Instructional Technology Phillip WayBrian Burson
It’s All About that Space! Techniques and Tools to Tackle Your Campus Learning Space Design Challenges Active Classroom, Instructional Technology, FLEXSpace Rebecca FrazeeLisa Stephens
Level-Up the Workplace Workplace Productivity Todd MitchellJeremy Hardin
Making a Makerspace Instructional Technology, CCUMC Aaron Graham
Making Teams Work in Education Active Classroom, Instructional Technology Jeff BordenSteve Rheinschmidt
Measuring ROI on Digital Learning: The Impact of Access and Analytics Technology Policy & Practice, Exhibitor-related Session Berj Akian
New STEM+ Technologies and the Campus of the Future Instructional Technology, Exhibitor-related Session Mike Belcher
Opening Keynote: Cybersecurity and Higher Education Keynote Joanne Martin
Practical Campus Cybersecurity in an Era of Increasing Threats Cybersecurity Curt Carver
Pro Tips to Create Hollywood Content for the Classroom Instructional Technology Jason Webb
Promoting Efficiency and Innovation: Implementing Change Management in Higher Education Institutions Technology Policy & Practice LeRoy Butler
Reframing Learning with the Learning Glass Active Classroom, Instructional Technology, FLEXSpace Matt AndersonRudy Arias
Renovating and Constructing Brick and Mortar Classrooms for Twenty-First Century Distance Education Active Classroom, AV Integration Starnell BatesRonald RhamesBeth RickenbakerBarbara Mooneyhan
Scaling Engaged and Active Student Learning (EASL) at Auburn University Active Classroom, Instructional Technology Wiebke KuhnJason DeBlanc
Standards, Strategic Partnerships and Cultural Change: University of Wollongong’s AV Transformation AV Integration, Technology Policy & Practice Dave Rigter
Streaming, Capture and the Simplified Recording Studio AV Integration, Instructional Technology, Exhibitor-related Session Tim Schnabel
Taking the Pain Out of Change Management Workplace Productivity, Exhibitor-related Session Dave McLeod
Ten Years After: the VDI Odyssey or Why You Should Look at Virtual Desktops Campus IT Shivaji SamantaWilliam East
The Cloud Life: Step up to a Higher Learning Experience Campus IT, Instructional Technology, Exhibitor-related Session Greg Smith
The Forgotten Classrooms: The Basic Building Blocks of the University Battleground AV Integration, Technology Policy & Practice Lisle Waldron
The Impact of Virtual Reality on Campus IT Architecture Campus IT, Instructional Technology Ben Fineman
The Importance of Audio in Collaborative Environments (Plus Common Design and Configuration Problems) Active Classroom, AV Integration Hayden Leiper
Transforming Classrooms and Colleges Through the Power of Cooperative Learning Active Classroom Greg Hodges
Using Technology During a Crisis Campus IT, Technology Policy & Practice David Carson
Using Technology to Increase Accessibility for Students with Varied Abilities/Disabilities Instructional Technology, Technology Policy & Practice Sherri Restauri
Video in the Classroom: Not Just for Faculty but Students Too Instructional Technology Jon CrispinAngela Matthews
Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning (VITaL): VR, AR, MR, and 360º Video at San Diego State University and Beyond Active Classroom, Instructional Technology, FLEXSpace Sean HauzeHarsimran Baweja
Voice Control of a Classroom AV System AV Integration Jim WellingsTyler Clair
Welcome Address: AV and Higher Education Keynote Gary Kayye
You Are Your Own Spielberg: What We Can Learn from YouTube When Flipping the Classroom Instructional Technology, Technology Policy & Practice Brian Klaas

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