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UBTech 2017, CHAMPIONSGATE RESORT, ORLANDO, FL, June 12-14, 2017
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The right CMS can eliminate silos on campus
Stefanie Botelho

Content on college websites and social media pages must be sharply targeted to captivate prospective and current students. Efficient content management systems (CMS) can help improve pushing content to these various web presences.

Committing to digital signage success
Kylie Lacey
When implementing digital signage, many university leaders plan for the initial costs of hardware and software; considered less often is long-term maintenance.
SVSi- The game changer
Sponsored by Harman
SVSi by AMX matures to create audio, control and enabled switching for the future of networked video.
Furnishing the new active classroom
Stefanie Botelho

As active classroom design evolves to serve faculty and student needs, hard technology (and required support networks) are often at the forefront of planning. Just as vital, however, is the furniture that supports this tech.

Protecting employees from personal attacks
Kylie Lacey

Because college and university staff are at risk for hacking, campus technology leaders must understand social engineering, how hackers manipulate people and the training employees need to spot a potential attack.

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The Annual Harman Innovation Awards at UBTech are now open for applications from innovative campuses nationwide. The annual HARMAN Innovation Awards at UBTech celebrate innovative higher education institutions and their use of AV and IT Technology, and will present $25,000 in hardware and software to the winners in 5 categories.
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UBTech Conference
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