Reviewers Call 'The Innovative University' a Must-Read | UBTech Conference

Reviewers Call 'The Innovative University' a Must-Read

Reviewers Call 'The Innovative University' a Must-Read

A new book by Harvard business professor Clayton M. Christensen and BYU-Idaho Advancement Vice Pres. Henry J. Eyring, sparks discussion about the future of college education.

LDS Church leaders had told every Ricks College president since the late 1950s that the little church school in Idaho would never become a university.

Church and college leaders played with the idea in the late 40s and 50s, but they wanted to keep costs low and classes small rather than follow the popular Harvard model of growing bigger and supposedly better.

But in 2000, seemingly out of the blue, then-LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley announced Ricks would become a four-year institution and take on the name BYU-Idaho — except this would be a university with a different "DNA." There would be no faculty rank, no graduate degrees, no collegiate athletic program. Research would not be emphasized, and students would. The college would also operate at full tilt year-round.