UBTech 2012 Up Close

Video interviews with UBTech speakers

Who Will Build “The Innovative University?"

Henry Eyring, co-author of The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of Higher Education From the Inside Out, discusses the opportunities and realities that higher education leaders must face now if they hope to thrive in the years ahead.

The Battle for Internet Supremacy

Watch tech columnist Farhad Manjoo discuss the battle for Internet supremacy being waged by Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google—and what it could mean for higher ed.

Key Elements of a Successful consultant-client relationship - Scott Walker

Scott Walker, president of Waveguide Consulting, outlines the key elements of a successful consultant-client relationship. (2:23)

Revealed: A Strategy for Better Video Presentations in the Classroom - Brian Klaas

Brian Klaas, senior web systems designer at Johns Hopkins University, reveals a strategy to help faculty create better video presentations for the classroom. (1:10)

Using smartphones to help control campus building access - Laura Ploughe

Laura Ploughe, director of Business Applications and Fiscal Control at Arizona State University, explains how ASU uses NFC-equipped smartphones to help control campus building access. (3:43)

Strategies for Preventing Financial Aid Fraud - Tom Dalton

Tom Dalton, executive VP of Enrollment Management at Excelsior College, discusses strategies that can help prevent financial aid fraud. (2:18)

Encouraging faculty participation in the program - Mary Ann Gawelek and Mary Spataro

Seton Hill University is at the forefront of exploring the use of mobile devices in teaching and learning. Provost Mary Ann Gawelek and Mary Spataro, director of the Center for Innovative Teaching, discuss how they encourage and enhance faculty participation in the program. (2:56)

Where is Central IT moving to? - Sarah Smith-Robbins

Sarah Smith-Robbins, director of emerging technologies at the Kelly School of Business at Indiana State University talks about central IT is changing from an enterprise-directed model to one based on user needs. (1:53)

Improving marketing through social media efforts - Karine Joly

UB Internet Technology columnist Karine Joly explains why schools should spend more time analyzing the impact of their social media efforts to improve marketing. (2:28)