UBTech 2013 Featured Sessions Announced

Google Apps vs Office 365: A Tale of Two Implementations

Google and Microsoft are battling for the allegiance of college IT departments, with each offering a suite of free email and office apps for education. Hear two case studies: Anne Scrivener Agee, vice provost for information technology at UMass Boston, will speak about her school’s experience with Office 365. Rick Matthews, CIO and associate provost of information systems and technology at Wake Forest University, will speak about his school’s implementation of Google Apps.

UBTech Incubator Challenge

Hear a series of short pitches and presentations from start-up companies serving higher education and then vote via text message to determine which of these products should be named Best of Show.

Education in Uncertain Times

Daniel Rasmus—author, strategist and analyst—will discuss a management technique called scenario planning, which can help reduce uncertainty and help higher-ed institutions prepare for the challenges and opportunities they face in coming years.

Meeting the Challenge of Learning Technologies: Are We Failing as Managers?

Tony Bates, author of “Managing Technology in Higher Education: Strategies for Transforming Teaching and Learning,” will report on a series of 11 case studies about the use of new learning technologies in higher education.

Branding Your University to Steal Market Share

Tom Dougherty, president and CEO of Stealing Share, a prominent marketing and branding agency, will explain why it’s not enough for colleges and universities to market themselves—they have to take market share from other institutions.

Higher Education Gets Flattened

Mark Greenfield, director of web services at the University of Buffalo, will explore how the forces of technology and globalization will redefine higher education, and provide guidance on how to not only survive, but thrive in this new paradigm.

Avoid the Globaloney: Ten Insights for Building a Global Brand Image

Jessica McWade, executive vice president of the higher education marketing firm Maguire Associates, will offer insight into how to develop a credible global brand image that goes beyond merely presenting the veneer of a global image, aka “globaloney.”